[Wii] Donkey Kong Country Game Save

[Wii] Donkey Kong Country Game Save

About Save: 100%

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Rareware
Type: Platforms

In Donkey Kong Country on Virtual Console, you play the famous gorilla of Nintendo. The King K. Rool has stolen bananas from Donkey who decides to go looking for him to recover. Two characters are playable, Donkey is bigger and stronger, while Diddy is faster. It is possible to play two, each in turn, be a team. Animals will help you cross certain levels and defeat the Kremling.

Extract the zip file on your SD card (found in the computer).
It must respect the path private/wii/title/”Game Code”/data.bin
Insert the SD card with the Savegame in the console Wii .
Skip to Wii Settings> Data Management> Data Save.
Select the Savegame you want to copy and paste there.
Caution: Do not forget that if you have a Savegame of the game, the duplication will not overwrite the existing Savegame on the Wii. For this you must first remove the Savegame of internal memory the Wii to be able to transfer the news.

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