PS4 Digimon Next Order some trophies SaveGme Game Save

PS4 Digimon Next Order some trophies SaveGme Game Save

Some trophies for Digimon Next order.
Will be posting more.
Save 1. the one with less time… you can get

Town Expanded!
Prosperity at level 100

I dont know if you can get the 1 and 50 prosperity
Just enter the room and defeat the boss.. she will join you after the fight.
Save 2. You can get the chapter 3 trophy, enter the door in front and after some dialogue defeat the boss

Chapter Three Cleared!
Cleared Chapter Three

yo will also earn the battle trophies

Save 3. You can get the chapter 4 trophy, ener the portal and defeat the boss… use healing items when needed.. there are A LOT

Chapter Four Cleared!
Cleared Chapter Four

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