[PC] Diablo II Game Save

[PC] Diablo II Game Save

About Save: 100% The character is a paladin Title Sir Nailpad Normal Difficulty Level 27 Class Paladin XP 2738631 Strength 114 Dexterity 60 Vitality 31 Energy 15 Life 5061 Mana 54 Stamina 121 Gold in Stash 150,000 Gold Belt in 227460 All Quests Completed All Waypoints activated Skill: Blessed Aim 1 Skill: Concentration 10 Skill: Might 4 Skill: Prayer 2 Skill: 13 Thorns

Publisher: Blizzard
Developer: Blizzard
Type: Role Playing / Action

Diablo II will find a dark fantasy universe by playing one of five character classes in the game ready to travel to distant lands, fight new enemies, uncover hidden treasures and uncover ancient mysteries. All this in your quest to stop once and for all the Lord of Terror …

Unzip the archive into the game folder

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